Legislative Update

Below you’ll find my main legislative initiatives for the 2017 session. You can always find the most up to date list here.

SB423 Election Day Voter Registration

This bill allows qualified individuals to register and vote at a polling place on election day. Currently, Maryland permits same day registration during the early voting period before election day. Same day registration increases voter turnout, remedies inaccurate voter rolls, eliminates arbitrary deadlines that cut off registration, and assists lower-income citizens, young people, and minorities.

SB422 Keep Antibiotics Effective Act of 2017

Farms often administer antibiotics to farm animals, even when animals are not sick. This overuse/abuse of antibiotics has increased the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria, posing an increasingly dangerous public health threat to people. This bill prohibits the use of ‘non-therapeutic’ antibiotics in large farms.

SB358 Presidential Candidate Tax Transparency Act of 2017

For 40 years all major party candidates have released their taxes. This bill requires any Presidential candidate who wants to appear on the Maryland ballot to provide copies of their federal income tax returns for the previous five years. If this bill passes, candidates who don’t release their taxes won’t be on the Maryland ballot.

SB357 Business Relief and Tax Fairness Act of 2017
By taking advantage of a series of loopholes, a significant number of Maryland’s largest corporations do not pay any corporate income tax, resulting in a $75 – $150 million loss to the state. This bill will force big, multistate and multinational corporations to pay their share by prohibiting them from shifting income to subsidiaries based in low-tax states (combined reporting). The bill also assists small business owners by eliminating a $300 annual filing fee for businesses with 10 or fewer employees.

SB607 Protecting the Obama Overtime Rule

Currently, an employee designated as a ‘manager’ making as little as $27,000 could be forced to work 60 hours per week with no additional compensation. A lower-payed employee should not have to work unlimited hours without getting overtime pay. Last year, President Obama updated the overtime rules, making salaried workers earning up to $47,000 eligible for overtime pay. That rule was blocked by a federal court and President Trump will likely withdraw the rule. This bill would codify the Obama Administration’s overtime regulations into Maryland state law.

SJ4 Democracy Resolution

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling has undermined democracy by releasing a flood of unregulated ‘dark money’ into our elections. The Democracy Resolution would fight corporate influence in elections by calling for a constitutional convention to overturn the ruling and reduce corporate and special interests  influence in elections.

SB605 Carried Interest Taxation

Hedge fund managers often pay lower taxes than their secretaries, because their income is in the form of “carried interest,” which is taxed at a much lower rate than ordinary income. This bill levies a surcharge to ensure that some of our wealthiest businessman are not able to evade paying their share of taxes.

SB146 Congressional Redistricting
Under this legislation, Maryland’s congressional districts would be drawn by a non-partisan independent commission, provided another state of approximately the same size controlled by Republicans agrees to do the same.