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Dear Friends:

I wanted to offer a quick up-date on a few items before Thanksgiving and, of course, wish you and your loved ones well during this season.

On the national scene, we're witnessing a tax proposal which, if passed, would see one of, if not, the largest transfers of wealth from working and middle income families to the wealthiest one percent. This is in addition to accompanying giveaways to corporations. Below, I offer a few details on this obscene scam promoted by congressional Republicans and President Trump (which I write while trying not to gag).

Locally, there's been a lot of discussion and, unfortunately, miscommunication about the proposed MagLev train. While I oppose this effort, even if it gained traction, it is far from imminent.  Again, more details below.

And finally, we're having a number of upcoming, neighborhood events in December so I look forward to seeing you.

Be well and, again, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.



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Taxes & Trump: Guess Who Benefits

What a shock!  By 2027, taxpayers making under $75,000 will see a tax hike and for the next ten years, those making over $500,000 will see anywhere from a 4.2 to 8.5 % reduction in taxes to, after 2027, a .5 to .7% reduction taxes. 

Interest on college loans? No longer deductible. State and local taxes? No longer deductible. School supplies purchased by teachers?  You guessed it: no longer deductible. If you're a large corporation, however, you can deduct your equipment purchases. 

Besides reducing the tax rate for large companies from 35% (which they never pay because of loopholes) to 20%, these same companies who've been avoiding taxes by hiding profits overseas would now pay just 12%. But that's not all. From here on out, most money they make oversees will no longer even be liable for U.S. taxes.

After 2022, because the House bill uses a low inflation projection, many people currently in the 12% tax bracket will be pushed into the 25% tax bracket. This will double their tax bill!

And for those of you who do itemize, check this out: in 2018, tax credits for: plug-in motor vehicles - gone; medical expenses --gone; tax preparation costs -- gone.

It has been reported that if the bill passes, Donald Trump would see a $20 million gain and his children, upon his passing, would see a $1 billion gain because of this tax proposal. 

And what do Republicans plan to do after passing this huge tax cut for the richest Americans? They'll turn around and demand cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and other social services in the name of the huge hole budget hole they've just created.

We need three Republican senators to oppose it along with all Democrats, just as we successfully did with the failed repeal & replace effort of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The best hope is to win 'no' votes from: Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), Susan Collins (Maine), John McCain (Arizona), Jeff Flake (Arizona) & Lisa Murkowski (Alaska).  If you know anyone in those states, encourage them to contact their senator. Obviously, if the voters of Alabama defeat that fanatic -- and -- predator Roy Moore, that would be one less vote we need.

Proposed MagLev Train 

Our state's priorities are surely confused if we promote a very expensive, high speed train to Baltimore and then New York that our residents couldn't even afford while failing to shore-up the finances of our very own Metro system that residents rely on. Hogan is simply wrong!

This is a multi-billion dollar project and, even if passed, would not take place until far off in the future. That being said, it is also a multi-billion dollar cost and no investor is going to pay for it all. I will fight against any state appropriations until the Metro system is financially secure and even then, a MagLev proposal is not deserving of state money, given other priorities like schools and protecting the environment. Even if paid for wholly by private entities, it would have to guarantee no disruption to our district residents.

The district 22 team is holding a meeting on the topic on Monday, Nov 27 from 7-9PM at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. I'll also discuss it at my town hall meeting next month (see below).

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Upcoming Events

I'd like to invite you to several upcoming events, I'm hosting: 

(Click flyer to enlarge)

What:   Fundraising Reception
When:  December 7, 2017
             6PM to 8PM
Where: Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
             4318 Gallatin St, Hyattsville, MD 20781

(Click the flyer to enlarge)

What:   Annual Town Hall Meeting
When:  December 9, 2017
             9:30AM to 11AM
Where: Lamont Elementary School
             7101 Good Luck Rd, New Carrollton, MD 20784

What:    Annual 22nd District   
              Martin Luther King Jr. Reception
:   January 15, 2018
              6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Where:  Miller Senate Office Building
              Annapolis, Maryland

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