Donate to my campaign

I don’t rely on the well-heeled for the dollars I need to run for re-election. I rely on you. In our current political system, well-funded industries routinely try to gain access to and influence over elected officials through their campaign contributions. Many elected officials, over time, begin to rely more on the well-placed and the well-connected and less on modest contributions from neighbors and friends. That’s why I need your help. Until we seriously limit special interest campaign influence and the increasing cost of running for office – through public campaign financing – I need to try and keep pace raising private campaign funds.

Your contributions, at any level, are appreciated. Either contribute online now

or send checks to:

Citizens for Pinsky
4115 Hamilton St.
Hyattsville, MD 20781

Again, my deep thanks for your continuing support. — Paul

Contribution Rules:

1. Contributions may not be solicited or sent while the legislature is in session.

2. Contributions can be from personal OR corporate (e.g. P.A., LLC, Inc) accounts, or both.

3. The maximum contribution from any one entity during a four year election cycle is $4,000 to an individual campaign or $10,000 to all campaigns.

4. For more information, visit the Maryland State Board of Elections website