Thanks to constituents and friends across the region, I have been able to serve as a progressive voice in the Maryland General Assembly for over 25 years. This website allows me to share my views on both specific issues and my long term vision for the state. At the same time, I want to foster a dialogue and hear from you on these very same issues. We have worked to improve life for our state’s working and middle income people but we have much more to do. I encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions regarding these important issues through an email or phone call. I would like to be known not only as a leader, but a leader who listens. If you like what you see on my website, create a bookmark and forward a link to this web page to your friends and neighbors. Enjoy!


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  • Estate Tax Exemption Raised

    The General Assembly voted to raise the estate tax exemption to over $5 million over the next five years (increasing thereafter at the rate of inflation). I argue that besides further deepening the state’s structural budget deficit, the cut is counterproductive. There is no evidence that the estate tax drives multi-millionaires out of Maryland. I believe that our state’s investments in education and infrastructure is what attracts millionaires to our state and helps explain why Maryland has the most millionaires per capita in the United States. Click play below to listen to my remarks during the Senate debate.

  • Single-Payer Health Plan Proposed

    I introduced legislation to reform our broken healthcare system. SB667 directs the Maryland Health Exchange to make recommendations to move Maryland to a single-payer health system. Such a system (Medicare for All) would cover more Marylanders much more efficiently than the current system.

    You can listen to the hearing in the Senate Finance Committee here and read an article in The Daily Record.

  • Newsmaker Interview on Teacher Scholarships and Boosting Clean Energy

    I was interviewed on two bills I’m sponsoring this session. The first is a new teaching scholarship to attract our best and brightest students to become teachers. The second bill seeks to reduce our state’s reliance on dirty coal fired power plants by boosting clean energy, like solar and wind-powered electricity.


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